Visiting Vadodara: A Romantic Destination

Visiting Vadodara: A Romantic Destination

Visiting Vadodara: A Romantic Destination

Love, beauty and a majestic feeling of freedom- these are only some of the multitude of feelings associated with Vadodara, a Gujarati city found on the banks of the Vishwamitri River. A city that has long been famous as one of the most notable cities found in India, Vadodara has served as the seat of famous Gujarati Royalty and different nobles, all of whom have made their own contributions towards making city the wonder filled land it is today.

Vadodara is a city of hidden love: For those who know where to look, and have the correct person to look with, this city holds a variety of places for you to enjoy a romantic evening with a beautiful somebody.

Romantic Destinations in Vadodara: More Than You’d Think

From deserted lakes where you can enjoy an evening of unchecked desire with your girl, to lonely lanes that allow you to wrap your arms around your girl and give her a kiss, and even more deserted but dazzling destinations await you in Vadodara, the City of Hidden Love in India. You can there with Vadodara Escorts too. Read on to know more about some of the best destinations to take your girl to in Vadodara.

1. A Lake On The Way To Sama Savli

Sama Savli is a moderately famous road in Vadodara, as the largest hotels, the tallest penthouses and the most famous restaurants. A crowded road, it’s hardly a place where you can enjoy a quiet evening with your girl- which is why our destination lies on the way to Sama Savli.

About halfway to Sama Savli, there is a lovely, languid lake which is generally deserted throughout the year. The tempered temperatures and the pleasant puffs on your cheek make for one of the best places all year round: and the total absence of people means an evening of desire is sure to follow!

2. Back Of The Central Jail, Opposite The Ssg Hospital On The Jail Road

Everybody enjoys a bit of solitude in their lives every now and then, and there are very few areas in Vadodara that offer better solitude than this particular spot in the woods.

The back of the Central Jail is a pretty isolated spot with only a few people at its most populated, making it one of the most isolated spots in one of the most popular cities in India. There’s a tea stall nearby, and a small eatery, making this small spot in the woods perfect for an outing with your Girl in Vadodara to the woods. The isolation, closeness and perfect temperatures makes it a perfect intimate spot.

3. Kamati Baug, The Gracious Garden

Kamati Baug is one of the more well known destinations for couples in Vadodara, as couples have been coming to enjoy themselves in this peaceful and winding garden for years! Featuring one of the most beautiful vistas to be seen in the city, along with long, winding paths where couples can sneak off to avoid the gaze of others, Kamati Baug remains a top notch destination for you to take your girl to!


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