Client Confession of Lucknow Escorts

Client Confession of Lucknow Escorts

Do you often think about what interesting things clients have done after meeting sexy & naughty escorts? There are lots of amazing confessions out there that will definitely increase your fascination for meeting an escort girl.

Client Confession of Lucknow Escorts

If you are looking to know about the same, then you need to check the amazing client confession of Lucknow escorts. The confession is of a South Indian individual (name hidden) who said he has the greatest time of his life with an escort booked from a local call girl agency in Lucknow. Let’s read the confession in his own language:

Top-Class Oral

She shows me a complete city the whole day and becomes a naughty banging partner at night. The sucking given by that call girl makes me feel like living in heaven. She plays with every part of cock ranging from top point to balls calmly.

Another Lady Addition

After some time, that escort suggests inviting her friend to the occasion that is the nearby locality at that time. I immediately said yes to her because it was like doubling the pleasure. She arrives at my room in half an hour. We already had one session of intercourse until then and were lying nude on the bed.

Extended Drink Session

Three of us have four shots of drinks to get comfortable with each other. We have some kisses for increasing the closeness in between.

Awesome Threesome Oral

After that, I see both of call girls having lesbian fun with each other while I was drinking. I joined the scene after fifteen minutes and ordered them to lick each part of my body. One of escort was sucking my balls while the other one had my cock in my mouth.

Memorable Banging

I tried all the positions on that night with both the call girls one by one. The Lucknow call girl I was banging licked the pussy of the other call girl at the same time. Escorts switch positions many times during the entire session. After having three rounds, we slept naked on the bed. Both of Lucknow escorts take their money and leave me with a sweet kiss by 10 AM in the morning.


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